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At The Saint Constantine School, we believe that technology is a helpful tool that can be harnessed in a myriad of useful, creative ways. We also recognize that some of the technology at our fingertips can detract from learning, rather than enhancing it, if it is not used judiciously.

C. S. Lewis recognized the danger of “chronological snobbery”— the idea that something must be better simply because it’s new. At The Saint Constantine School, it is our priority to prepare our students to successfully navigate whatever the future of our society holds without falling prey to the fads of education that so quickly come and go. This means that we thoughtfully incorporate technology into our classroom instruction and assignments, while making sure we don’t treat the technology itself like the end-all-be-all solution to the difficulties of education.

Above all, we believe that any technology incorporated into education — through video, personal tablets/laptops, “flipped classroom” instruction, and internet usage — is only as effective as the teacher who is using it. This means that we encourage the use of technology as a supplement to the good work of our teachers, but not as a replacement for it.

Finding Technology's Proper Place

Part of a classical education is making sure our students don’t become slaves to their time, so we encourage them to develop strengths that technology may attempt to replace. This includes doing much of their math using only the power of reasoning, learning to write in cursive, and using paper books rather than tablets for reading, all of which have been demonstrated to improve memorystrengthen the mind, and develop spatial awareness crucial for life in the physical world. 

Our students are still challenged to take advantage of technology’s many uses. This ensures that our students become creators, rather than mere consumers, of information, and engage with the technology in the world around them without becoming controlled by it.

Technology for Communication

Learn more about our stance on technology - and the internet, in particular - from TSCS Head of School, Cate Gilbert.

Technology is good at helping people stay connected and keeping information at our fingertips. At The Saint Constantine School, we utilize Blackbaud, our student information system, to communicate with families. Every TSCS parent and student (Middle through Upper School) has a Blackbaud account that allows them to keep up to date on grades, assignments, forms, and the school calendar, while also keeping the school informed about their contact information and their student’s medical or personal needs.