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Lunch Program

We all know that the food we eat impacts our ability to think, feel, and move well.

That's why we take care to partner with businesses we trust to feed our students well.

Road Runner Foods, based locally in Sugar Land, is a family-owned food service business of over 30 years. They have been providing school lunches for over a decade and pride themselves on the quality, taste, and preparation that goes into each individual meal.

‚ÄčLunches provided by Road Runner Foods are never canned or fried, keeping a focus on freshness. We are also excited to announce that our lunch menu features 100% certified organic fruits & vegetables.


Order Lunch

Registration Key: 717700

Please Note:

Families are able to order on a weekly or a monthly basis.

For weekly orders: Orders for a given week must be placed by the Wednesday before. Consider setting a recurring reminder on your computer/phone for Wednesdays to ensure that your child has lunch the following week! We are not able to facilitate late orders.