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At The Saint Constantine School, we endeavor to educate the whole person: head, heart and hands.

We are embodied people, and learning to care for and challenge our physical bodies has always been a part of a well-rounded classical education. Our coaches and instructors are working hard to build an athletic program that gives students life-long skills and discipline in their habits, and allows them to develop confidence in competition and experience the joy of working as a team.

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.
- Will Durant

Sports by the Season

Fall Season (August - October)
  • Middle School Girls Volleyball
  • Upper School Women's Volleyball
  • 5th-7th Grade Boys Flag Football
  • 8th-12th Grade Men's Flag Football
  • 5th-12th Grade Co-Ed Cross Country


Winter (October - January)
  • Middle School Girls Basketball
  • Middle School Boys Basketball
  • Upper School Men's Basketball


Spring (January - April)
  • 5th-12th Grade Co-Ed Cross Country
Cost Breakdown by Sport
M.S. Girls' Volleyball $350
M.S. Girls' Basketball $350
U.S. Women's Volleyball $350
M.S. Boys' Flag Football $200
M.S. Boys' Basketball $350
U.S. Men's Flag Football $200
U.S. Men's Basketball $350
5th-12th Co-Ed Cross Country $200