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The arts are an essential and highly valued part of a Saint Constantine education.

Our intracurricular model and block schedule allow our students to deeply participate in many artistic programs and receive instruction in the arts within their normal school day. These vital opportunities teach students to engage with powerful ideas by fostering intuition, dexterity, and creativity through artistic expression.

Houston is a city rich in the arts, and our students are given opportunities to experience what the city has to offer through trips to the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston Grand Opera, The Alley Theater, The Houston Symphony, and much more.  We prioritize that our students understand and participate in our faith’s rich tradition of art and music as a part of the great conversation of western culture and the global church.

Additionally, every student from Kindergarten to 12th grade is taught musical literacy and appreciation, and will participate in studio arts classes every year of their enrollment.

Students have the ability to study and hone their skills in a variety of fine arts at The Saint Constantine School, under the direction of highly qualified professionals.

Current offerings and opportunities include:
  • Fine Art Studio courses (drawing, painting, and a variety of other mediums)
  • Acting and Performance courses
  • Theater Set, Tech, and Costuming training
  • Individual Music Lessons (piano, trumpet, guitar, violin, drum, and voice)
  • Musical Literacy and Appreciation courses
  • School Choir
  • School Band
  • Music and Theater excursions (Houston Grand Opera, Houston Symphony, the Alley Theater, and others)