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School Life

A Saint Constantine education doesn’t only happen in the classroom.

We know that students learn valuable lessons in everything they do, and so we offer our students a wide variety of experiences as part of our community of learners.

It is our priority to offer our students a safe, creative, engaging environment where they can develop and succeed. Every element of TSCS is carefully designed to create a community that enlivens our students, so that every hour students spend on our campus can challenge and inspire – inside the classroom and out.

Letting Kids Be Kids: An Intracurricular Schedule To Alleviate Student Stress

With so many students overburdened with a myriad of extracurriculars, it can be difficult for families to decide what activities are priority. At The Saint Constantine School, we have pioneered an innovative intracurricular schedule so students can take music lessons, play sports, or join a theater or debate club that meet during the course of the regular school day. This means students can lead more balanced lives and have more free time for their families outside of school while still enjoying a variety of activities.

We believe that students should have the space to be inquisitive amateurs, free to explore new hobbies and activities without undue pressure. It’s our goal for each student that they have the time and opportunity to explore new interests and pursue excellence in a number of venues.