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Theater Season

Check back soon to see what the 2023-24 season will bring!

Spring 2023

The Saint Constantine School Theater 

proudly presents: Antigone

by Jean Anouilh
Directed by Jayne Meyncke


“In a tragedy, nothing is in doubt and everyone’s destiny is known.”

So says the Chorus.

Jean Anouilh's "Antigone" explores the struggle between individual conscience and political power, between what is necessary and what is right. This powerful play challenges us to grapple with complex themes of justice, responsibility, and defiance. We watch as Antigone and Creon engage, once again, in the argument they have been having for thousands of years. We watch as, once again, they arrive at their inevitable conclusion. This is not the first time they have done this. It will not be the last. 

Join us for a moving and unforgettable experience as we witness the story of Antigone unfold on stage, as inhuman forces whirl her out of this world, making her an instrument of the gods in a way she cannot fathom, that she will faithfully pursue.

All performances are at 7pm on Saint Constantine's North Campus.

Tickets are available only through advance online purchase. Order yours today!