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TSCS Senior Students: A Note to College Admissions Counselors Everywhere
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Melanie Augustus

As College Counselor, this is my second year to journey with our high school seniors as they apply to colleges. It is my privilege to consult with them as they work to present themselves as worthy candidates. Our senior students are wonderfully gifted, capable, unique, and witty. Any college should be so lucky as to have any one of them.

The most difficult part of my role, I find, is in the limitation. If it were available to me, I would speak with each individual College Admissions Counselor who reviews our seniors’ applications. I want to sit down with these officers and tell them every amazing detail there is to know about these students! I want them to know what no application, resumé, GPA, or test score could ever convey. I know an Admissions Counselor couldn’t understand who each student is without spending many hours with them over several years – but if I could just get five minutes of their time, they wouldn’t even need the formal applications or accompanying documents.

Unfortunately, I seldom receive that opportunity. I must accept that someone outside of TSCS won’t fully understand what we do here. They can’t comprehend how a Saint Constantine education helps to shape a young person into a thoughtful, analytical, caring defender of Truth and Beauty. They won’t grasp the freedom that students are afforded in our school: the freedom to be creative and curious, to share their thoughts, find their place, and know that they belong – the freedom to be themselves. This community of wonderful individuals is so special that I find it difficult to convey on paper.

At the recent Saint Constantine Athletics Banquet, nearly half the senior class received recognition for their fall Athletic participation. I found myself full of pride for our amazing students. And having spent the last several weeks watching our Theater students prepare the Fall Play, I am again in awe of what these young people have accomplished in a mere three months’ time. Upper School students take challenging and time-consuming courses; yet they also recognize the importance of learning beyond the classroom. Involvement in activities such as Theater, Music, and Athletics is incredibly enriching, and these students have carved out hours of precious time to nurture another side of themselves. Our graduates prove themselves in whimsy and determination, and I absolutely love it. They are allowed the freedom to try anything and everything they might find interesting. They are encouraged to be inquisitive and playful. They are expected to be reverent and prayerful. And they are emboldened to think well and work hard.

I know of no students better prepared to continue their education in college, or wherever else they choose to learn and grow in the coming years. TSCS students leave us more than capable of tackling what comes next. They do so with humility, joy, and a love of learning. I am profoundly blessed to be a part of it.