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A Love Letter to the Saint Constantine Nursery
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Abilene Marshall
The Saint Constantine School is a remarkable place for many reasons (many of which are extolled in this blog site!). The quality that stands out the most to me presently is how greatly our school values even the littlest students.
It delights me how much my son George, at the young age of 5 months, has become part of the Saint Constantine community. Every morning, the nursery staff gather up the babies in various strollers and wheel them into the courtyard to join the rest of the school in prayer. Throughout the day, the nursery staff take the little ones outside to play, when students flock over to interact with them—it is so good for both the babies and the older students! One of our fabulous music teachers, Mrs. Goodie, also comes into the nursery every other day to give a music class. It is sweet to see the nursery staff holding and singing with (well, mostly to) our babies.
To say the Saint Constantine nursery staff is wonderful is an understatement. These women care for TSCS’s youngest students as if they were family. My heart is at peace knowing that my son is in the care of people who are not only capable of caring for his physical needs, but who seek to care for his emotional and spiritual growth as well. Isabelle is constantly saying small prayers over our children, asking God and the Theotokos to bless them (and covering them with kisses as she does!). Mother Barbara is the baby workout specialist, helping to turn tummy-timers into crawlers and crawlers into walkers. Maegan is a calming presence and loves all our babies so well. Abigail has been such an encouragement to me as a new mom, and it is clear how much she loves being around our little ones.
Having a nursery available on campus is a blessing that most workplaces do not offer. I find myself thankful every day that I am able to bring my son to work with me, and that he has a wonderful home away from home, here at the Saint Constantine School.