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A Day at The Saint Constantine School
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Katie Goodie

As I reflect on the past few months of working at The Saint Constantine School, I remember the first few work days.

I remember waking up and preparing to begin work and having no idea what to expect. I was excited and nervous. During Colloquium (the days when faculty and staff get together to prepare for the school year), I met several teachers, and as the days went on, I started to relax. I began to realize how humble the faculty are. People here are very, very smart, but they treat one another as equals. There is little to no competition with one another. We are all equals, working towards the same goal of virtue, wisdom, and joy. Grace abides, and discussions are essential.

In our pursuit of virtue, wisdom, and joy, we aim to make God bigger and ourselves smaller. We study texts, hear prayers every morning, and encourage our students to be virtuous, wise, and joyful seekers of Truth. Every teacher is valuable, and their voice is respected. And with small class sizes, we can make sure that every student is valued and seen, too.

If I had to sum up a day working at The Saint Constantine School in a single word, I would say “Adventure.” We read stories, play, and learn. We write poems and read for leisure. Being a music educator, I see stories written in the music we play. Choir and Brass Ensembles are opportunities for us to work together and create something beautiful - a story to share with those around us.

I am very thankful to be working here.