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Thoughts from our faculty.

Quiet Reflections and Singing in the Rain 
  • Nature
  • Prayer
Katie Goodie

During one season of my life, I lived in West Virginia. The winters seemed endless as we awaited spring. These last few weeks of February in Houston have reminded me of my time there and make me thankful that the cold and clouds will soon end.  

Morning prayers at The Saint Constantine School are a cherished moment to pause, even when it is cold, dreary, or rainy.  

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The Gift of Seasons
  • Art
  • Curriculum
  • Nature
Mandi Atweh

My favorite grade to teach Musikgarten is PreK-4. Called The Cycle of Seasons, this year of curriculum allows the child to explore the changing cycles of nature through music, poetry, and movement.  

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Uncertainty in Learning
  • Formation
  • Language
  • Theology
Andrew de Carion

The farther we advance into our language studies, the more this uncertainty sems inevitable. What bits of the language we acquire is all that we have. Often it doesn’t feel like enough. The struggle becomes learning to accept where we are in the language.

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Practicing What We Preach
  • Formation
  • Wellness
Kris Yee

Do you remember hobbies? Humans have been busying themselves with projects and pursuits that had nothing to do with their jobs for years. Rather than collapsing into a puddle of consumption and malaise at the end of the day, we would weave things, build things, write things, do things. These activities engaged our minds, bodies, or both, and provided us with relaxation and stimulation simultaneously.

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A Place of Yes
  • Art
  • Beauty
  • Community
  • Culture
Erika Donatto

As a school, TSCS is a place where, sure, students push boundaries and break rules. There is noise, trash, and an occasional smell in the air. (I’m looking at you, livestock pen). There is also wonder, curiosity, and sheer joy in the air. I work in a place where sometimes I realize I’m running late to class because I enjoy talking to my colleagues. I work in a place where I feel safe trying new learning modalities because the administration trusts me to do my job well. They trust that at the heart of everything I do is a love of truth, beauty, and goodness.

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The Joy of a Sticker
  • Athletics
  • Community
Clara Bakheet

It was the last game of Middle School Boys' and Girls' Basketball season. I told the students in my 8th grade Study Hall class that if they both won their games, I would give each of them a sticker. If you’re thinking it sounds silly to suggest a sticker incentive to 8th grade students, then you would be surprised just how many of them were excited. 

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A Home Away from Home
  • Community
  • Formation
Mimi Campaigne

“A home away from home.…” Of the many goals parents consider leading up to joining the Early Childhood Program at TSCS, and of all the talks and discussions in faculty training, this is the phrase that sticks in my mind most, both as a mother and a teacher. 

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Food, Sun, Fun, and the Son
  • Curriculum
  • Formation
  • Play
Cory Anglin

 While I think that meeting people in the middle by seeing their side and going halfway is obviously beneficial, I also like to ponder the middle of things. more generally. I find the middle interesting. And in this case, I want to look at the middle of the school day.

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