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Thoughts from our faculty.

How to Get the “Right Good From a Book”
Rachel Kilgore

In this, my first year of teaching great texts at the Saint Constantine School and College, I find I am repeating one “lecturette” more often than any other. It’s just this intensely simple principle that makes all the difference between getting the “right good from a book” and getting no good at all.  It is simply this: There are three levels in the process of reading, and each must be observed for reading to save our souls.

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In Ancient Time: Legends of the Fog, part 2
  • Culture
  • History
  • Language
Daniel Reynolds

In my previous blogpost for Saint Constantine (“Legends of the Fog”), I argued that insufficient respect had been paid to the accuracy and retentiveness of human memory.  This was a more general philosophical argument.  In this installment, I would like to provide some concrete examples from my own research to buttress the general claim.

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A Taste of the Elements: Why We Study Euclid
  • Beauty
  • Formation
  • Maths and Sciences
Melissa Neacsu


  1. A student of mathematics ought to come away from class better able to reason logically, think critically, and apply problem-solving techniques to new situations. 
  2. An effective math education will expose students to mathematical proofs and teach students to ask why formulas and theorems are true, not to merely memorize them.
  3. In order to understand who we are and how we ought to proceed with regard to any subject, we must understand from where we come.
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Chick-fil-A and God's Gifts
  • Community
  • Formation
Lauren Turner

Directly following this event, my husband happened to be in my Upper School Choir classroom as a guest clinician. He recounted this story to the room full of 9-12th graders and then followed it with this question: “When have you done the same thing?”

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The Forgotten Literature of Early Christianity
  • Beauty
  • Early Christianity
  • Literature
Timothy Bartel

In the 1830s, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow was a rookie professor at the relatively small Bowdoin College in Maine. Longfellow had not yet made a name for himself as one of the most important poets of the American nineteenth century. He was still merely a young teacher with an ambitious goal: to impart to his undergraduate students a winsome vision of literary history.

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“The heavens proclaim the glory of God.”
  • Beauty
  • Nature
  • Science
Zach Harris

Why spend so much time learning an outmoded model of the universe, rather than skipping straight to the scientific knowledge and paradigms of today? Many answers could be offered to this question, from the importance of familiarity with one’s intellectual heritage to a defense of the oft-mischaracterized intelligence of the ancients and medievals.

However, the most important reason to study the astronomy of our predecessors is its impact on the heart and soul.

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