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Saint Constantine for Homeschoolers

At The Saint Constantine School, we know that parents are the primary educators of their children.

That’s why we offer every class and extracurricular opportunity on an individual basis, as space permits. Our block schedule means that you can enroll your child in a variety of classes, including fully-accredited, university level dual-credit classes, meeting two to three days per week.

Additionally, our youth choir program, art classes, theater program, and music lessons offered on campus are all available to you to enrich your homeschool experience and provide your students with a community of friends and mentors.

Just fill out an application, and schedule an appointment to register for the courses that best fit your family.

Don't live in Houston? We have good news for you!

Homeschooling for Virtue, Wisdom, and Joy

Orthodox Christian Homeschool Resources,
The Saint Constantine Way
Beginning Fall 2024, we will be making resources available for families, no matter where you live.
Be the first to hear exciting updates on this development, and on other national projects from Saint Constantine such as branch campuses, education conferences, hiring opportunities, and more!

For the graduating senior who wants an undergraduate experience that is Christian, classical, and outside-the-box...

Saint Constantine College is our classical undergraduate program.

Students of Saint Constantine College are part of a close community of learners, seeking to grow in wisdom and virtue through rigorous humanities courses and Oxford-style, one-on-one tutorial sessions with exceptional professors. They are also an integral part of the Saint Constantine community, with many of them holding campus jobs to help serve the students and families of our school, alongside TSCS instructors.