"Autumn" by Frederic Edwin Church (1875)

Sonnet for the End of the Year

On the eve of a nice, long holiday, I’ve been tasked with writing a blog. I found myself too weary to do so. Instead, I’ve written a curtal sonnet for our beloved students, faculty, and families. I present it for you here with my deepest love. Read it and then go take a nap or have some pie.

Love, Mr. Yee.

Three hundred feet push ploddingly through leaves,
Their corresponding wind-touched faces fixed
Whose eyes forgot the light they’ve been bequeathed.

Let’s stay and rest awhile beneath the eaves.
Let’s not forget that we are human—mixed
From dirt and breath of God, with glory wreathed.

Oh, precious one, your work is not for naught.
The end of your exploring’s in your midst.
The Lord is satisfied with what you’ve brought.
Unclench your teeth.