Online Classrooms

In order to help protect the vulnerable in our larger community, TSCS is following suit with our local school districts,  conducting online classes until the COVID-19 virus is controlled. To accomplish this, our classes have moved to Google Classroom. Below is an easy link that will take you directly to Google Classroom, where you can log in and begin accessing your student’s classes and content.

Having trouble accessing or navigating your online classroom environment? Below is a short guide that may help you gain access. If you continue to have problems after reviewing the guide, please take a look at Google Classroom’s help documentation or contact your student’s teacher directly.

  • A screenshot of the Google log-in page

    Step 1: Upon clicking the “To the Classroom” button above, you will be redirected to the Google log-in page. Use this page to log in, the same way that you might for Gmail or Google Drive. If you need to create a Google account, this page also provides the option to do so.

  • A screenshot of a user's first visit to Google Classroom, showing the popup that displays to verify that you want to use the currently logged in account.

    Step 2: After you log in, Google will verify one final time that you are using the desired account to access Google Classroom. If you see the account information that you wish to associate with your class, then hit continue.

  • A screenshot of the Google Classroom homepage, before the user has accessed any classes.

    Step 3: You will then see the Google Classroom homepage. This screenshot shows a user’s homepage before they’ve joined any classes. If you have accessed other classes, they will display on this page, but this does not change your next step. Use the plus-sign in the upper right hand corner to access the class menu and click “Join Class.”

  • A screenshot of the Google Classroom "Join a class" popup, after a user clicks to join a class.

    Step 4: Clicking “Join Class” will open a pop-up where you can enter the classroom code your teacher will have provided you. That code can be sent on to students who are able to access the classroom personally or used by guardians of students too young to benefit from direct access. Type or copy-paste the code into the text box and hit “Join.”

  • A screenshot showing a specific class' homepage after the user joins the class.

    Step 5: At this point, you should be able to see your classroom’s homepage. Check that the information is correct (the name of the class, the section and subject information, the header image) before interacting with the content.

  • A screenshot showing the sidebar navigation that Google Classroom provides

    Step 6: If you need to navigate away from this page, you can either click the logo in the upper left-hand corner to jump back to the Google Classroom homepage, or click the hamburger button (three, grey, stacked lines to the left of the logo) to access the navigation sidebar. This will display any classes you’ve enrolled in as well as buttons to access the Classroom homepage, the Calendar, your To-Do list, and your settings.

  • A screenshot showing the Google Classroom homepage after a user has joined a class.

    Step 7: This is an example of what your homepage will look like after accessing your student’s classes.