Lower School Correspondent: Our New Chicken Coop

This is the first dispatch from Madilyn, our new Lower School Correspondent. She is in fourth grade at TSCS and will be writing articles concerning the goings-on at our school. Welcome to our writing staff, Madilyn! 

TSCS has very exciting news this semester! We got chickens! Our school got chickens because it would be good for the garden, us children could play with and take care of the chickens, and because we already had the coop. Mrs. Elizabeth Lewis, our gardening teacher, said, “Responsibility over other living beings teaches us stewardship over all God’s creatures.”

TSCS got the coop when Mrs. Cate Gilbert won a contest for a free chicken coop. A few volunteers also volunteered to help build the coop. Those people are Mr. Peter Baumbach, Mr. Michael Murchison, and Mrs. Lewis. Special thanks to those few people. There are six chickens. Two black, two yellow, and two brown.

Come to our school to meet our new chickens!