Nick Dalbey

Instructor of Great Books and History

Nick Dalbey is a California transplant by way of Tennessee. He received an MA in English literature from Middle Tennessee State University, and a BA in English literature from Biola University where he’s also a perpetual member of the Torrey Honors Institute. Academically, he’s drawn to all things medieval. He spent most of his graduate studies researching the overlap of classical philosophy, Christian theology, and medieval literature. His thesis, “The Ascent of the Soul in the Wife of Bath’s Prologue and Tale” outlined the Platonic, Boethian, and Augustinian influences behind Geoffrey Chaucer’s characterization of the Wife of Bath in The Canterbury Tales. Boethius, Chaucer, and Beowulf are his love languages.

Nick has enjoyed working a wide variety of jobs in his life: he’s been a high school English teacher, an editor for a student academic journal, a barista, a grounds keeper, and a deckhand for an Alaskan commercial fishing boat. When he’s not working, you’ll find him hanging out with his wife and son watching soccer or taking a stroll through the neighborhood.

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