Lucas Gaddam

Instructor of Physical Education

Lucas Gaddam is the Kindergarten, 3rd, 4th and 5th grade Motor Movements teacher. As well as being one of The College at Saint Constantine’s founding students, Lucas has worked in various capacities around Saint Constantine for years. He previously served as the school janitor, and last year was able to spend time learning from the other teacher while serving as the 3rd -6th grade Motor Movements teacher, and as the teaching assistant for PreK – Kindergarten Art, 3rd – 4th grade Art, and Writing Club. Before Saint Constantine, he studied at Biola University in Los Angeles, and worked in after school programs in Sacramento, CA. He is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s in English at The College at Saint Constantine. Mr. Gaddam is passionate about teaching his students to understand how to have good form and know to move and use their bodies in the physical world. 

When he is not teaching at Saint Constantine or attending classes, his main joys in life come from spending time with his friends and playing with his dog Tristan. 

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