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Orthodoxy and education

Constantine and the Orthodox Moment

I am so happy.

I am happy, because I get to work at a place that knows that this is the Orthodox moment. We have kept the faith, we have suffered, and now we have a chance to teach the faith once given to the Apostles to a new generation. Instead of losing our children, we can bring men and women to Jesus.

If we do not, who will? We are often the only Christian voice in places where darkness threatens the historic faith. In Palestine, Syria, Lebanon, and Iraq the Orthodox Church is bleeding. In the last century, millions of Russian martyrs testified for Christ. The Church preserved and preserves the Truth in the face of persecution, apartheid, suffering, and exile, but that is not the whole story. We are also the Church of Constantine the Great.

In equally dark times, one man dared to embrace Orthodoxy and change the situation. The situation was very bad and civilization was failing. Barbarians who embraced paganism or heresy mocked Christian truth. Sound familiar?

Constantine did not hide, retreat, or fail. He changed the terms of debate. Instead of staying in Rome, a city that could no longer be militarily defended, he moved his headquarters to a new and greater city: Constantinople. He built a defensible city, a great educational center, and shield for Christendom that lasted one thousand years.

The time has come to do something like Constantine did.

Of course, we have no such great man, no Empire to produce an Emperor. We the people in this republic must do something new. There is no going back to the past, but we can learn from it. We need a Constantine generation that will build a new city, a better city, and change the terms of debate. We can create and preserve civilization against those that have forgotten the lessons of our fathers and mothers in the Faith.

Part of the mission of The Saint Constantine School is to learn from the wisdom of the older generation: the spiritual aunties and uncles, mothers and fathers of the Church. We are looking for people to be spiritual mentors for this generation. They are out there in every parish. When the energy of these folk gets harnessed, amazing things will happen.

I cannot wait.

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