Houston is the city of the 21st century

Constantine and Houston: A New School in a Great City

Los Angeles is beautiful and was the American city of the twentieth century. Living there for almost twenty years made me love the place, but we do not live in the twentieth century anymore. I had to move forward.

Chicago was the city where my wife received her education. When I visited her I knew that this city was part of the foundation of America. In the nineteenth century, Chicago was the place to be, but we are not in the nineteenth century anymore. We had to move forward.

Philadelphia was the city of the American Revolution and helped create the modern world. In 1776 there was no better place to be than Philadelphia, but we are not in the eighteenth century anymore. America has to move forward.

We are in the twenty-first century and the times demand technological innovation, the energy to fuel it, and a port to allow global commerce. If it is happening in the United States, it is happening in Houston, Texas first. We create jobs. We attract people. We make art and we are livable. This is the city where you can watch NFL Football, go to an opera, visit the Cy Twombly gallery, and watch the Astros in one weekend. You can also afford a house.

Houston is the city of the twenty-first century and I get to live in Houston. We have opera and rodeos. We have Sam Houston, hero of San Jacinto, and we have the most diverse population in the United States. We have well-established centers of learning and now, The Saint Constantine School.

What if there were an affordable great text college integrated with an affordable K-12 school in this great city? We have many great colleges, schools, and preschools in Houston already, but there is room for something different. There is always room for something different in Texas: especially in Houston.

The Saint Constantine School is here to serve the next great American city: the city of the twenty-first century. We will be academically excellent, but not at the cost of joyful community. We will serve those who normally cannot afford first-tier private education. We will be for Houston: the center of a revival of Christendom.

Centuries ago a great man faced hard times. He could not defend what he had to defend. Instead of failing, he changed the game and built a new city: Constantinople. The City protected learning, civilization, and Christendom for one thousand years. We are no longer in a failing empire, but a troubled Republic. We need to reboot, recharge, and reform. Houston is the city where this can happen. We are the city where Christians are free to be Christian with the resources to make something new. The Saint Constantine School will be part of that revival of the American Republic based here in Houston.

I cannot wait.

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