Upper School Science Teacher

General Description: Upper School Science Teacher

The Upper School Science Teacher will teach upper school science across the subjects physics and physical science. The Upper School Science Teacher is tasked with fostering rich, structured, and thoughtful science classes that introduce students to the subjects at hand and the proper scientific methods for solving problems and successfully completing experiments.  He/she will design and implement syllabi towards the successful completion of the established curriculum, maintain grade books, and establish proper communication with parents.

Upper School Science Teacher Responsibilities:

  • Teaching—The Upper School Science Teacher is responsible for the instruction of biology, chemistry, and physics classes. The Upper School Science Teacher will:
    • Teach  upper school science classes (within the subjects of physics and physical science). Introduce both a theoretical understanding and supervise labs and experiments.
    • Manage classroom orderliness, cleanliness, and safe habits during labs (with the assistance of students and the facilities and janitorial teams).
    • Conduct regular group tutoring sessions for each subject.
    • May be asked to facilitate a student club or project in the sciences.
  • Administration—At The Saint Constantine School, we value teaching first and foremost, so administrative duties will be focused solely on those things that benefit your classroom and the families of your students.
    • Establish and maintain a syllabus for the class that clearly outlines the goals, learning outcomes, and work you expect the students to accomplish in the year.
    • Maintain grade books for all students, updating grades and comments (when applicable) every two weeks or more.
    • Maintain scientific equipment and supplies.

Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree required. Advanced degree in related field preferred. Teaching experience in a classical, Charlotte Mason, or Waldorf school preferred. Extensive personal and/or professional experience in working with children. Excellent rapport with students of all ages. Strong understanding of the ethos and values of The Saint Constantine School philosophy of education and play.

Reports To: Dean

Salary Classification: Full time, exempt

Supervision Of Others: None

Hours Per Week: 40*

*This is a teaching position, and at times may require investments above and beyond the aforementioned, approximate time commitment, including some evenings and weekends.

Compensation & Benefits

  • Competitive annual salary range
  • Health insurance paid by school (Family coverage at employee’s option and cost)
  • Life insurance, long term and short term disability, paid by the school
  • Access to Dental, Vision, 401K and Life Insurance plans
  • Tuition benefit for students in PreK -12 plus College; Subsidized staff nursery.
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It is the policy of The Saint Constantine School (TSCS) to make all employment-related decisions for its employees and applicants in accordance with all applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations and without regard to race, color, national origin, age, sex, or disability.  TSCS hires individuals who are committed to supporting the school’s beliefs, as expressed in the Religious Requirements for Employed Administrators, Faculty, and Staff of The Saint Constantine School.  TSCS will employ only persons who are authorized to work in the United States.  All new hires must abide by the TSCS Employee Handbook.