Aftercare and Camp Constantine Coordinator

General Description: Aftercare and Camp Constantine Coordinator

The Aftercare and Camp Constantine Coordinator (ACCC) is the staff member(s) in charge of all aftercare programming and the January term Camp Constantine at The Saint Constantine School. The ACCC will be in charge of the formation and organization of a safe, nurturing, fun, and creative after school environment for students with late pick-up. He/She will develop appropriate activities, rhythms, and practices for students in after school care and all programming for Camp Constantine. He/She will work closely with a partner ACCC in the organization and implementation of both aftercare and Camp Constantine.

Aftercare and Camp Constantine Coordinator Responsibilities:

  • After School Care—The ACCCs will be the primary supervisors of all after school.
    • Be present and ready to receive students at 3:40pm every day school is in session.
    • Run the aftercare program from 3:45 until 5:30pm every day, staying with students until every student has been picked up.
    • Plan activities, games, and study times for aftercare
  • Administration—The ACCC is responsible to oversee all after school and camp programming at The Saint Constantine School. The ACCC(s) will:
    • Communicate clearly and thoughtfully with parents of after care students.
    • Record and report attendance for aftercare and assist with registration for Camp Constantine.
    • Manage supplies acquisition, care, and storage.
    • Coordinate and communicate with teachers and coaches who are conducting after school activities (practices, tutoring, etc).
    • Work with House Heads and Head of School on any disciplinary problems.
  • Camp Constantine—The ACCC is responsible for designing and implementing a two week Camp for students of TSCS during the two weeks of January in which school is not in session (Jan 6th – 17th for the 2019-2020 school year). The ACCC will:
    • Plan and prepare an on-campus camp for students of various ages.
    • Assist with registration and record keeping.
    • Train volunteers or additional staff members as needed, with the supervision and assistance of the Head of School.

Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree preferred. Teaching experience preferred. Extensive personal and/or professional experience with children ages 4 through high school. Excellent communication skills. Highly responsible and trustworthy. Excellent report with students of all ages. Ability to create a creative, fun, and nurturing environment for kids of various ages. Strong value of outdoor free play and the ability to foster responsible creativity and independence in students. Strong understanding of the ethos and values of The Saint Constantine School philosophy of education and play.

Reports To: Head of School

Salary Classification: Part time

Supervision Of Others: Volunteers

Hours Per Week: 10, plus two weeks full time in January*

*This is an administrative position, and at times may require investments above and beyond the aforementioned, approximate time commitment.

Compensation & Benefits

  • $10-12 an hour
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