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A Revolution in American Education

Education in America has become anemic. A hundred years of progressive education has failed us. In 1912, shortly before embarking on his expedition to Antarctica, explorer Ernest Shackleton placed the following ad in the London Times:

“Men wanted for hazardous journey, small wages, bitter cold, long months of complete darkness, constant danger, safe return doubtful; honor and recognition in case of success.”

We might chuckle at this today, but back then 5,000 men showed up at the appointed time and place. Sadly, we now teach our students to place value in comfort and material things. Honor, integrity, sacrifice, and discipline have no place in the progressive curriculum. And this is not because progressivism failed to achieve its goal. John Dewey and his disciples have gotten exactly what they wanted—a culture obsessed with material existence.

There are of course still pockets of excellence—places where the classical virtues are integrated with rich educational content. A few outstanding classical Christian schools around the country live up to it, and my friends at the Great Hearts Academies are doing a wonderful job of bringing meaningful, life-changing classical education to the masses. But it is time for a revolution in American education.

That is why I am thrilled to be joining John Mark Reynolds and the remarkable team of teachers and leaders launching The Saint Constantine School, a pre-K through 16 school in Houston, Texas. TSCS puts classical Christian education back at the center of the enterprise and focuses on teachers and students rather than administrators and educational “experts.”

If we truly want a generation equipped to confront the uncertainties bearing down on us, a generation that has the will to stand firm in the face of corruption, a generation that knows what it should love and how, then we need a different kind of education. From preschool through college, we need an education in truth, beauty, and goodness to produce a faithful generation that understands virtue, compassion, honor, and commitment.

The Saint Constantine School and College will help lead that change. Join us at

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